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We are a certified and insured business with technicians that have been in the industry for over a combined experience of 30 years. We've learned through experience what it takes to get the job done right the first time. We work diligently to make sure our technicians know  the most up-to-date information about all of your heating and cooling needs. Keeping you cool and warm is our goal. We thrive on customer service!

Our Red Seal Certified and Insured HVAC Technicians and Electricians are ready to go. Our HVAC Technicians are also HRAI certified to safely handle the latest refrigerants as well as properly size the right heat  pump for your home.

Our preferred Ductless heat pump manufacturer is LG. They have models that can be selected to meet your budget. They have a competitive warranty of up to 10 years, SEER, HSPF ratings and quality in comparison to similar makes and models on the market today.

With our Central Heat Pump systems we prefer Goodman which come with a 10 guarantee on the compressor and 10 years on parts.

We  prefer to use wireless thermostat technology with our central and LG  ductless systems which allows for a more modern interface between you  and your home. With Honeywell's Redlink Interface System  and LG WI-FI you can control the temperature of your house from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.



Buying a new home with only electric heat? Thinking of installing a wood stove or even a pellet stove? Well you may want to consider installing a high efficiency heat pump.They can easily be run by a generator only consuming 1800 watts max under full load (12000 BTU LG HSV5 unit). With a 5 year parts 10 year compressor standard warranty at the cost starting at $3000 plus tax. About the same cost of a quality wood or pellet stove..... No more lugging bags of pellets or wood..... No more dirty clean ups!



Start saving today by having your Ductless Heat Pump installed by us. We can reduce your power bill by up to 50  if not more!

LG Inverter Technology

Explaining how it works!

Usefull Information


What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is essentially  an air conditioner that can provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps  are generally highly efficient. The only real downfall to this type of  system is that because there are coils on the outside, they collect ice.  That means that the pump must melt this ice from time to time,  switching it to being an air conditioner so the coils heat up.  Then, as the ice finally melts, the switch goes back to the heating side.

Heat Pump Efficiency: SEER vs HSPF

The heating and cooling functions of a  heat pump each have their own measure of efficiency. A heat pump's  cooling efficiency is measured by its "Seasonal Energy Efficiency  Rating," or SEER. Its heating efficiency is measured by its "Heating  Seasonal Performance Factor," or HSPF. 

Who should install your Heat Pump?

One of the most important choices you  will make in buying a heat pump is which contractor to hire. A good  contractor will correctly size your heat pump, help you calculate the  payback period of high- and low-efficiency equipment, and ensure that  the equipment is installed properly. In addition, they will respond  promptly when you have an HVAC crisis, provide ongoing maintenance, and  act as a go-between with the manufacturer to replace failed parts under  warranty. Much like choosing a lawyer or an accountant, you should  approach the choice of an HVAC contractor carefully.

Approach  your selection of an HVAC contractor the same way you would hire an  employee: interview several, get references, and decide slowly. Probably  the best way to start is to call friends who live in your town, and ask them who they would recommend. Small businesses (such as the typical HVAC company) live and die by word-of-mouth referral. If a contractor knows that one of their current clients referred them to you, they will  work harder to make you happy.

Make sure to ask to see your contractor's certification and proof of insurance. Ask for references from three previous customers and then call to followup with those references. You’ll learn more from talking to a past  customer about questions they wish they had asked than from simply reading testimonials. In addition, make sure that there's a good fit between personalities you want to be sure that you feel comfortable  asking questions.

While  price is usually an important consideration, make sure that if you hire  the low-cost contractor, it is because they have an excellent reputation! 

Maintenance (VERY IMPORTANT!!)

Think  of your heat pump as the car you drive. At least once a year you should  have a scheduled inspection to make sure it's "safe". The same concept  applies to any piece of heating, cooling or ventilation equipment that  you have installed in your home. Especially something that involves your health and the air your breath. The number one cause of equipment  failure is lack of preventive maintenance. For a small fee you should have your heat pump and air exchanger inspected and maintained by a qualified company.

Calculate for yourself the cost differences Heat Pump VS Baseboard Heat:


New Brunswick cost per kilowatt/hour = $0.1079 (May change) Average baseboard heater size 1500 watts

= 1.5 kw/hour Average of 8 baseboard heaters on main level of your home (count them) 12000 BTU LG

HSV5 heat pump power consumption max in heat = 2.37 kw/hour Here is how you figure out exactly how 

much power your are consuming with baseboard heat: 1.5kw/hour x Number of baseboard heaters X Cost 

per kilowatt/hour X Average on time in hours 1.5kw/hr x 8 x .1079 cents x 10hrs = $12.95 per day x 30 days 

= $388.00 Here is how you figure out exactly how much power your consuming with a High Efficiency Heat 

Pump 2.37kw/hr x 1 (12k heat pump) x .1079 cents x 10 hours  = $2.55 per day x 30 days = $76.72 Lets 

assume that a heat pump will work harder (20 hours per day) than the baseboards to allow the heat to 

pass thought your entire  floor of an average 1200 sq ft house and maintain 21 C / 70 F 2.37 x .1079 x 20 

hours = $5.11 per day x 30 days = $153.43 That's an average saving on your electric bill of $234.57 per 

month during the cold New Brunswick months.


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